Become a Foster

The Pensacola Humane Society is an organization comprised of passionate advocates that love animals just as much as they love us: unconditionally. We manage a volunteer foster care program to give people in our community a chance to help us achieve our vision of a pet friendly, no kill community. You can email us at

Animals in need of foster care include:

  • Puppies or kittens that are too young to be adopted.
  • An abused dog or cat that needs socialization and tender loving care.
  • An injured dog or cat that is recovering from surgery.
  • A dog undergoing heartworm treatment.

Foster care volunteers also take in animals when the Shelter facility is full. Animals may be in foster care for a few weeks or a few months, depending on the need.

 How Do Foster Care Volunteers Help?

  • Foster care volunteers feed, groom, socialize, train, and medicate the animal during its stay in the foster home.
  • The Pensacola Humane Society pays for all veterinary care and medicine the animal needs during its stay in foster care. 
  • Foster parents are responsible for providing food, time, and tender loving care.
  • When the animal is healthy and ready to be adopted, foster parents are given the first choice to adopt their foster animal, provided they meet the basic adoption requirements.

Foster Care Volunteer Qualifications

  • Foster parents must be able to provide a safe, loving and stable environment for the foster animal.
  • Foster parents must have common sense and patience, as well as be willing to nurse any injury and/or illness – with the understanding that some issues may result in the death of an animal.
  • Foster parents must be able to transport their foster animal to and from the Pensacola Humane Society during business hours, and to and from veterinarian providers, should the need arise.
  • Experience with animal behavioral or medical issues is a plus, but is not necessary.

Applying to be a Foster Care Volunteer

  • Potential Foster Care Volunteers must fill out the application in full.
  • A Staff member will contact you about scheduling an orientation.
  • When a potential foster pet becomes available we will choose the most appropriate home and contact that home.
  • If called, you are under no obligation to foster at that particular time.
  • We understand that prior obligations may keep you from being available.
  • Any questions? Email us at
  • Fosters can now purchase a T-shirt to advertise their foster for adoption!  We get our shirts through
  • Once you've been through orientation, you will then be able to purchase a T-shirt.