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Shadow, Large Female

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Mix

Age: August 26, 2013

Sex: Large Female

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Location: Cat Room

Are you looking for trouble? Well boy, did you find her! My name is Shadow, and I am the best kitty ever! I am a relaxed companion with plenty of cattitude! You could describe me as being very affectionate while still maintaining my independence. I enjoy head rubs, gentle brushing, napping in computer chairs, and judging all the animals outside my windows. I don’t want to sit in your lap, but I will nap on your warm laptop or the back of your chair – preferably while you are using them. I am the boss after all. I do not enjoy bouncy dogs or cats that think they are better than me – but I will tolerate calm dogs and cats that acknowledge my superiority. Do you have a kingdom I can rule over? Please come see me at the Pensacola Humane Society at 5 N Q Street!