Dedicated to keeping pets in the home and out of shelters.

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To reach one of our Help Team Specialists please email us at

Our Team:
Darra Flanagan, Director of Community Initiatives
Janet Beall, Help Team Specialist
Patti Roberts, Help Team Specialist
Elle Banton, Data Specialist

What people are saying:

“At a very difficult time in my life, PHS stepped up without any judgment. They come to my house and picked up my cats. Took really good care and are finding homes for them. Darra could not have been nicer. The young man that came to my house was so very nice and helpful. Everyone I spoke with was so helpful and I know they have a sincere love for animals I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I am still dusting to not having my cats but am moving forward to where my life’s path is taking. Thank you thank you thank you.”

“I spoke with Patty and she was absolutely wonderful. I am actually working on the paperwork to rehome this special kitty. You all do wonderful work for our community and what a blessing you are! Thank you.”

“Miss Pat was beyond amazing. She listened to my problem & helped me right away. Also found a loving home for my pet. Thank you. God bless.”