Become a Foster Hero

  • The first step to becoming a Foster Hero is to submit a foster application!
  • Make sure to sign up with an email address you check often, our foster team will send you the link to our online orientation within 48 hours!
  • When a potential foster pet becomes available, we will post them to our foster plea board. All foster placements are voluntary and and after completing your online orientation you'll be able to take home any of our animals in need!
  • Not sure if fostering is for you? Keep scrolling to find out more about fostering with the Pensacola Humane Society!
  • Want to be involved in our foster program but cannot bring an animal home? Ask our foster team about other foster volunteer opportunities!
  • See our frequently asked questions about cat and dog fostering!
  • Can't foster? Check out our foster wish list
  • Still have questions? Contact us!

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Foster Hero

The dog or cat you foster will recover from the stress of the shelter, heal more quickly from injury or illness, learn life skills that will make them more successful in a home, and give them the chance to thrive where they couldn't before. Fostering also allows us to learn more about the animal(s) and better pair them to their future homes! Also, by fostering, you're saving at least two lives. Not only are you providing a safe place for your foster you are opening up space at the shelter for us to take in dogs and cats that have no place to go, dogs and cats that may have been euthanized at another shelter, or dogs and cats that were otherwise at risk of danger. 

  • CJ

    CJ was given the opportunity to grow into a healthy and adoptable kitten thanks to the fosters that bottle fed him and kept him out of the shelter until he was ready for adoption!
  • Pumpkin & Spice

    Pumpkin and Spice came to us as itty bitty babies, thanks to our fosters these girls were able to thrive and are now happy and healthy in their furever homes!
  • Boo

    Boo came in underweight and depressed after his owner passed away. Now he is thriving in a foster home while waiting for his furever home
  • Nox & Lumos

    Nox and Lumos came in lethargic after spending too many hours away from their mom. Our foster heroes got them back on their feet and now their in their furever homes
  • David Meowie

    David Meowie was suffering from a URI, malnutrition and likely wouldn't have survived without such a loving and caring foster family to see him through
  • Manny

    Manny went from a shut down and terrified senior dog at the shelter to an old man with spunk and personality in his foster home!
  • Halo & Sugar

    Halo and Sugar are two kittens that the Pensacola Humane Society were able to help thanks to the foster that cared for them and kept them safe until they could be adopted
  • Bucket

    Bucket came in and struggled to handle the stress of the shelter, thanks to the foster family that took her in she is now thriving in her furever home
  • Joe Exotic

    At the shelter Joe Exotic was terrified and hid under the kennels 24/7. In his foster home Joe came out of his shell and is now a well loved kitty!

Our Foster Programs

Our Foster Team has done the best they can to make fostering as easy and as customizable as possible! Step one was picking a foster animal(s), step two is deciding how long you want to foster them for! Click on each of the tabs below to read more about the different programs we offer and how long each one typically lasts.

Slumber Pawty
Only have a night or two to relax but want a canine companion? Our Slumber Pawty foster program is the one for you! Studies have shown that even a night away from the shelter can drastically reduce stress levels in dogs. And if you decide you want to extend your Slumber Pawty all you have to do is let your foster team know!
Jail Break
Looking to fill some down time in your life with fur and kisses? We've got your back! Our Jail Break foster program is for up to two weeks of back-to-back lovin! It's also the perfect program for people trying to decide if fostering is right for them.
Foster to Home
One of the most rewarding things that we get to do as fosters is see our foster babies off to their furever homes. With our Foster-to-Home foster program you'll bring a foster into your home for at least two weeks or until they can find a permanent home. Apply today and let's start saving some lives!
The Pensacola Humane Society does our best to not turn any animal in need away. If we can help, we will. This sometime means that we have animals in our care that may have severe illnesses, that may be super seniors, or maybe just don't have a lot of time left before they cross the rainbow bridge. We ask for super special foster heroes to help these animals so that they don't have to spend their precious time in the cold, loud, and stressful shelter.
Emergency Foster
In an effort to make sure that all of our animals are taken care of at all times the Pensacola Humane Society has an emergency foster program. Emergency fosters are for families that can shelter animals during hurricanes, storms, and maintenance emergencies that happen at the shelter.
Holiday Foster
Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas the Pensacola Humane Society does it's best to clear the shelter so that no one has to spend the holiday alone. We'll put out special applications for these programs as they come up each year!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Fostering

  • How long is the foster commitment?
    • We have several programs that vary in length. While you can take a dog home just over night if you'd like we ask that you commit to taking cats home for at least two weeks because frequent environmental changes can be hard on cats. 
  • What does PHS provide to its fosters?
    • All medical care is provided through our organization.
    • We can also set you up with some supplies like food, litter, a crate, and toys to get you started on your foster journey. We'll also make sure that every foster dog goes home on a leash and collar. 
    • Assistance with marketing of your foster animal through our website and social media pages.
    • Educational resources!
  • How old do I need to be to foster?
    • All applications submitted to be apart of the Pensacola Humane Society's foster program need to be submitted by someone 18 years and older.  
  • What types of animals need foster homes?
    • All of them! We have happy healthy animals in need of a more stable environment as opposed to the shelter and we also have underage, elderly, or sick animals in need of a safe place to recover while they wait for adoption. 
  • Do I need to live in Pensacola to foster?
    • Since the majority of our medical care is provided at our 5 N Q St location we ask that fosters live within an hours drive of this location.