Great Opportunities to Serve the Local Pensacola, Gulf Breeze & Milton, FL Community

To be agents of change within our community, the Pensacola Humane Society believes in offering unique services that help others in need. You can be a part of this too! We offer a number of volunteer opportunities that each benefit our local Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, and Milton, FL communities.

Our Special Programs

Lucky Penny: Lucky Penny Program is a fund specifically for emergency care or care for animals in need. A former recipient is Valiente, the cat whose legs were zip-tied together before he was partially burned alive. He recovered but is missing much of his fur and ears. Others are Tito, the bulldog who was left on our front porch with a prolapsed colon, and Olaf, who was hit by a car at 4 months old.

The Humane Express: Partially funded by a grant from Impact 100, the Humane Express is a mobile adoption transport vehicle that will positively impact the current lifesaving programs of PHS, staff, and volunteers in finding our charges forever homes through heightened visibility and a greater capacity to take our animals out into the community.

Educational Outreach: Pensacola Humane Society goes into schools throughout the region and brings an interactive approach to subjects such as animal safety, proper care of pets, feral cat populations, and animal behavior overall. Additionally, PHS regularly hosts field trips from local schools that include in-depth, guided educational tours of our facilities, history, and mission, and animal interactions in our free-roaming cat and kitten rooms.

Barbara Grice Memorial Spay and Neuter Clinic (currently closed): Pensacola Humane Society manages the Escambia County Low Income Spay and Neuter Grant. We are given $25,000 to offset the cost of spay and neuters to low-income families in Escambia County. Check us out on Facebook!

Bathe-Ins: For 7 months out of the year, Pensacola Humane Society holds Bathe-Ins that offer basic animal grooming to the public at extremely low cost.

Food Pantry: One of the goals for Pensacola Humane Society is to keep families and pets together. Through our free food pantry, we help people who have fallen on hard economic times with access to free cat and dog food stocked from public donations that we are not able to use in our shelter at that time. Anyone is free to come in and ask for help.

Heart for Hearts: Hearts for hearts is a special program that allows PHS to take in and care for dogs who have tested positive for heartworms. It is a special fund that donors can designate their contribution towards which covers the high costs of fostering and medical treatment for heartworm-positive animals. This program was started by PHS volunteers who wanted to donate specifically to animals that were undergoing treatment.

Pennies for Paws: Pennies for Paws is a special funding program. PHS has been able to place donation jars in local businesses, events, and other venues to encourage patrons to place their spare change into the jar to help PHS and the animals under our care.

Kitten Fund: When kitten season comes, we often have people who need to surrender 6 or more kittens. They often do not have the means to pay the intake fee of $20 per kitten to test for FIV and FeLV as well as give them dewormer, flea medication, and vaccinations. PHS holds an annual “Kitten Shower” to help raise monies to offset these costs and make relinquishment more accessible for people of all demographics.

Foster Programs: The foster program at Pensacola Humane Society is a volunteer-based program that takes in kittens and puppies who are too young to go into our shelter as well as heartworm-positive dogs (from our Hearts for Hearts fund) and dogs that will do better in a home environment while they find their fur-ever homes. Fosters take these vulnerable animals and care for them from as young as four weeks. Services provided by our foster families include bottle feeding, temperature regulation, medication administration, vaccinations, socialization, and a nurturing place for these little ones to begin their journeys surrounded by the love and care of a household. Once the animals are old enough and healthy enough, they are placed for adoption in our shelter.

Volunteer Program: The volunteer corps at PHS is almost 200 strong. In fact, PHS is only able to operate because of the time generously donated by these wonderful people. Our volunteers have many avenues through which they help promote our mission. Some of their regular activities include cutting dog treats; doing laundry; processing donations; cleaning litter boxes, cat rooms, and kitten play areas; picking up our grounds; walking the dogs; taking dogs to training sessions; working at community events; and giving tours to potential adopters.

  • Pensacola Humane Society allows hundreds of local groups and individuals to accrue mandatory volunteer hours for things like high school, collegiate, and military requirements. We also have a program that works with people needing court-mandated community service.
  • PHS works with the United Way Volunteers – RSVP (Retired Seniors Volunteer Program).
  • Day of Service: The Day of Service involves groups of volunteers who come to complete a day or multiple days of service at the shelter. In the past, we have hosted Eagle Scouts, Boy Scouts, community sports teams, local churches, after school care programs, and at-risk youth programs.

Come join us!

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