Pensacola Humane Society's Frequently Asked Questions

Keep reading for a list of our frequently asked questions and answers! 

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We accept a large manner of goods donations to use while caring for our animal friends, and it's super easy to donate! Just drop by anytime Tues-Sat between 11am-4pm to drop off your donation!

Below is a condensed list of goods that we can and cannot use at this time. For a more in depth list of what our furry friends and human helpers can use please see our wishlist page and our amazon wishlist!

Yes, Please!

  • Blankets and comforters that are twin sized or smaller.
  • Non-fitted sheets and towels.
  • Dog and cat toys.
  • Dog and cat food of any kind.
  • Cat and dog treats of any kind.
  • Dog harnesses, collars and leashes of all sizes.
  • Dog and cat kennels of all sizes.
  • Dog and cat beds.
  • Laundry detergent.
  • Bleach.

No, but Thank You!

  • Prescription medications.
  • Pillows or furniture cushions.
  • Stuffed blankets.
  • Heated or otherwise electrical blankets.
  • Used shoes or clothing.
  • Used pill bottles.
  • Fitted sheets.
  • Electric collars.

We are always looking for more volunteers and foster parents to join the PHS team! 

Volunteers help assist staff in daily tasks around the shelter such as: cleaning, walking dogs, providing enrichment, assisting at offsite events, helping with paperwork and other office duties, and much more! If you have time to volunteer we're happy to have you! Visit our volunteer page for more information. 

Do you have a group wanting to do a day of service? Email our volunteer coordinator to sign up!

Our foster heroes are also an essential extension of the shelter. They provide homes, short or long term, to our furry residents while they wait for permanent placement! If you have more questions about fostering be sure to check out our foster page

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What are your adoption fees?

Our adoptions fees are $20 for cats and kittens and $35 for dogs and puppies. 

What's included when I adopt an animal?

All of our cats and dogs are up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. We'll also make sure to send you home with a carrier or temporary leash and collar to make sure that you and your new pet make it home safe if you cannot bring one with you. 

How long does adopting take?

Each adoption is different but we typically expect at least half an hour. Due to this, we stop processing adoptions at 3:30 P.M. to ensure that our adoption staff has ample time to counsel you through bringing home a new pet!

You can view a more in-depth overview of our adoption process here and all of our adoptable animals here

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While we do our best to help each and every person that reaches out to us with pets in need our larger focus is taking in animals from our local shelters that are out of options. We are also limited on the number of animals that we can care for by budget, staffing, and physical space. If you need help with a pet in your care please feel free to reach out to our Help Team at to see what resources we have available to offer you at this time. 

What if I found a stray animal? 

Our shelter isn't set up to receive many stray animals unfortunately but you can view our Lost and Found Pets page for more information with what to do when you find or lose an animal!