"These are our fur babies we adopted, Guinness (black and tan) and Prosciutto (orange and white)! Guinness has an inverted chest which gave her a few issues as a kitten, but now she’s older it’s almost completely healed! Guinness loves to play with ice and both cats love rubber duckies. They’re so loving and we couldn’t have asked for better babies

thanks to the humane society for making the process so easy!"


"This is Goose! (Originally Bo). I have had him for just over a year and he is the sweetest boy. He loves his blankets and cuddles and is spoiled rotten!"


"Hello furfriends! I adopted Romeo almost a year ago! 11/02/2019! Best decision I ever made. He is my bestfriend, he is my ESA, the best cuddler and such a good boy. He loves the beach, cuddles, other people, and his toys! He is always down to meet new people and loves to swim! It took a lot of work to get him to be the dog he is today but man it was so worth it! Every single day he opens up more and more! Thank you to PHS for my bestfriend!"


"Meet Harvey Dent, we fostered her during a few heartworm treatments. We officially adopted her last Tuesday. She has been through the dirt and back, and still super sweet and loving!! She has been with us for about 2 months, we have loved every bit of her!! Our 2 year old toddler has even taught her to sit, stay, and when she gets mouthy she redirects her with a toy.....much better than us adults have done. When she came into our home she was underweight and sick, as of today she is considered overweight (LOL) and doing a lot better, we are still waiting for all the mean heartworms to die!"